Primary School in Cavaion

2° Prize

The project is about the territorial dialogue between the new school volume, designed around a green courtyard and the urban surroundings. The courtyard opens towards the external spaces, symbolizing a connection with the community and aiming to reorganize and unify the area through the concept of a large urban park.

Redevelopment of Corso Libertà superiore in Merano

1° Prize

The project consists in the redevelopment of one of the main streets in the city of Merano, along the Passirio river, and has been developed through the interpretation of the relations among the elements of the existing Corso Libertà superiore. These elements include valuable buildings, trees, water, pavements and urban flows.


PLAYduct is an urban device that reflects on the meaning of "taking care" of urban spaces.
Starting from a modular wooden frame, inspired by an ancient Roman duct, the installation builds a reciprocal relationship between two small green spaces located at its end.
The structure, accessible from two gates at opposite sides, creates a covered promenade that involves at the same time people, and the surrounding nature. 

Parish complex
Roccolo Park

Anthropogarden is a site-specific proposal realized for "Jardin de Métis" in Quebec, Canada. The proposal takes part in the International Garden Festival; the theme of 2024 is “The Ecology of Possibility”. 
The installation focused on the Anthropocene, the most recent period in the Earth's history, where human activities have an irreversible effect on the Earth's environment and climate.

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