Primary School in Cavaion

The new school represents an opportunity for the entire community and the project offers a large-scale strategy. The new volume is conceived on a compact and close layout. All the didactic and collective activities are planned around the green courtyard, whose geometry is broken to better interact with the morphological and urban context of the area. The functional program separates educational and collective activities and allows a diverse use of the building at different times. The ground floor is designed to appear as a retaining wall that secures boundaries of the school and the internal spaces and allows for flow control. The first floor is a sort a glass box and opens up to the surroundings, to enjoy the landscape, sunlight and clean air. The internal courtyard space represents a sort of open-air classroom, in relation with the building and the green context.

Competition - 2° Prize
Municipality of Cavaion Veronese
Cavaion Veronese
Ponto Ateliér - SINERGO s.p.a
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