The Mirror and the Mantle. The attempt to re-define the original principles of the contemporary domestic scenario, in relation with the edition of the Seventies, is the result of the use of the garbage-can model: impressions and images of what defines a space as “domestic”, connected with our perceptive and cultural experience,  had been collected casually and chaotically. The consequent distribution has allowed us to identify two recurring principles, the archetype of the domestic and the contemporaneity of the domestic, and could identified this principle in the introduction of Fernando Pérez Oyrazun’s book “El Espejo y el Manto”, written by Alejandro Aravena. On one hand a domestic space must reflect a specific hystorical, social and technical segment, like a mirror; on the other it must disappear from the view, like a mantle, to silently permit the gestures and rites of daily life.

New Domestic Landscape
Nicola Novello
Bruno Munari - Il cerchio

Daktýlios represents the founding action of the “domestic space”. It ideally and physically synthesizes the two different aspects of a contemporary domestic landscape. The Circle represents a defined space, through its timeless geometry that dialogues with the materiality of wood, on its internal side. At the same time it reflects the physical but also social and cultural environment through the outer mirror surface.

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