Our diverse and experienced team is committed to creating and conserving extraordinary objects, spaces, and places through the progressive exploration of ideas, materials, techniques and technologies.
In the closet

The project responds to the necessity of increasing toilet facilities for the guests in the exquisite historical Renaissance Villa Brenzoni-Guarienti in Garda, built in the 16th century by the will of Agostino Brenzoni and considered one of the awe-inspiring examples of nobiliar manors of the area.

Apartment 35

A piece of wooden furniture redefines a 35 sqm apartment located on the hills near Lake Garda, based on the need to maximize space and obtain a permanent corner for the sleeping area.

Primary School in Cavaion

2° Prize

The project is about the territorial dialogue between the new volume of the school designed around a green courtyard and the urban surroundings. The courtyard opens towards the external spaces, to symbolize a connection with the community and to reorganize and unify the area through the idea of a large urban park.

Redevelopment of Corso Libertà superiore in Merano

1° Prize

The project consists in the redevelopment of one of the principal streets of the city of Merano, on the Passirio river, and has been developed from the interpretation of the relations between the elements of the actual Corso Libertà superiore, such as valuable buildings, trees, water, pavements and urban flows.

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