PLAYduct is an urban device that reflects on the meaning of "taking care" of urban spaces.
Starting from a modular wooden frame, inspired by an ancient Roman duct, the installation builds a reciprocal relationship between two small green spaces located at its end.
The structure, accessible from two gates at opposite sides, creates a covered promenade that involves at the same time people, and the surrounding nature. 

FAR - Festival dell'architettura di Roma

The two green areas, placed at both ends and planted with small shrubs, are irrigated thanks to a water transport system connected to two cisterns positioned on the opposite vertex of the planter that is daily activated by the local community. This simple gesture makes a reflection on the importance of our responsibility to take care of something belonging to others.

Like ancient duct systems, a simple modular wooden structure realized in marine plywood draws a unique and simple sign into the urban landscape. The installation became at the same time an infrastructure for water and a device for human and nature interactions.

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