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The House is located on Punta San Vigilio's promontory, which is the most protruding point of the eastern coast of Garda Lake sorrounded by greenery, hills and mountains. The project is the result of the fruitful dialogue between the client and the studio and has been commissioned to increase the number of restrooms of the Villa, which is the location of private events, beside being the family’s ancient home. Placed close to exhisting niches of the wall, the project is designed to appear as an ancient wardrobe. On the outside, the object dialogues with the colors and moldings of the exhisting furnitures of the Villa; on the inside the wooden boiserie has a natural finish, offering an intimate and warm atmosphere. As well as any piece of furniture, it can easily been removed to preserve the status quo of the building.

Marco Toté
green, wood, brass, gold.

The principal material is wood, in the form of the outer moulded facades painted with the specific green of the other elements of the House, such as wardrobes or doors. The inners surfaces of the two toilets are made of wood as-well, but in a natural finish, combined also with the copper sink and the golden faucet. These elements, together with the light, offer an intimate and warm atmosphere.

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