Apartment 35

The project is located on the surrounding hills of Peschiera del Garda, close to Lake Garda and Frassino Natural Reserve. The apartment is part of a residential complex surrounded by greenery. The design focuses on the idea of the quality of living in a small space and allows for the original 30 sqm unit to be expanded to a final 35 sqm. The goal was to organize and maximize the space and obtain a permanent space for a double bed without moving the existing bathroom. The new plan is designed around a brand new piece of furniture that organizes the spaces and also contains the sleeping area. All the storage in the apartment is located inside the new furniture and a small wardrobe is placed under the bed. A hidden door gives access to the bathroom and the curtains permit to hide the bed when not in use, also providing more privacy when in use. To improve the space, the kitchen has been placed in the previous utility room under a staircase, optimizing the height of the room.


Peschiera del Garda
Marco Toté
wood, textile, white.

The wooden element gives the space a warm and welcoming feelings. A mirror and a simple color palette permit to enlarge of the space and unifies the different areas of the apartment.

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