The project focused on the renovation of the interior space into a single-family house built in the '70. The aim was to create a connection between the entrance, placed on the ground floor, and the main spaces of the house on the first floor. Starting from the old existing stair, a unique wooden element redefines the main spaces of the house and keep continuity between the entrance and the living space. On the ground floor, the wooden element hosts a wardrobe, while a dark wall hides the garage entrance and at the same time underlines the access to the main spaces of the house on the upper floor. The old stair and the floor were covered with light-grey concrete that continue to the first floor. On the first floor, the wooden element continues and contains the fireplace that defines the living space. Colors and materials dialogs with a "chiaroscuro" effect that contributes to defining perceptions of volumes and spaces. 

Alessia Perlini
mirror, wood, concrete.

A horizontal wooden bench at the entrance creates a warm and welcoming environment that refers directly to the vertical wooden volume. A mirror provides light and widens the space. At the same time hides a small storage placed into the wall. As in chiaroscuro effects, the dark wall highlights the wood and the light concrete of the floor.

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