San Cristoforo Urban Center

Placed in the heart of Mantova city center, the ancient Church of San Cristoforo is closed to the public for most time of the year. On the occasion of "Mantova Architettura", during the festival, the space has been open to the public and utilized for events and conferences. The project proposes a reinterpretation of the interior space of the church. The new functional program is organized around a single element positioned in the main nave in correspondence with the current entrance. A suspended volume, which organizes the space without interruption, separates the conference area from the area used for the buffet and in the same way, identifies the entrance and the service paths.

O.A.P.P.C. di Mantova
Giuseppe Gradella
Gabriele Pottenghi Architetto

The geometries of the inner court of nearby Casa del Mantegna, inspire the project. The suspended wooden structure is wrapped in a white ephemeral fabric which defines its volume and becomes the background for the projections. The platform, made of coniferous plywood, in addition to accommodating the seats, can accommodate a small stage for theatrical and musical events.

Transparencies and wood dialogues with history

Inspired by the pictures of photographer Giuseppe Gradella, the project dialogs with the ancient ruins with an ephemeral membrane and declare at the same time the temporariness of the installation. The wood, coniferous plywood left raw without treatments, create continuity with the ancient walls and the frescoes.

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